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Hawi Construction is a design-build general contractor focused on delivering the highest quality building experience in Central Alberta. We service the commercial, industrial and residential markets helping customers achieve their building goals from new construction, renovations, additions and tenant improvements. With nearly a decade of design and construction experience, Hawi Construction and its team of trades are dedicated to delivering an unprecedented quality process that can only be enjoyed by our building partners.

Mission Statement:
Building our communities with the highest integrity and quality craftsmanship.

Core Values:
Honesty, Relationships, Quality.

“The focus has always been to deliver the highest quality construction services that are easily understood and transparent. Great people having full trust and confidence in their builder shouldn’t be a luxury but a basic industry standard – that’s why we take extraordinary care in choosing our team and procuring only the best trade partners.”

– Jesse Hawiuk, Director.

Building Relationships

One of our core values at Hawi Construction is relationships. It is the fundamental ingredient on how we operate our company. From our relationships with clients to our subtrades, we believe in a team approach where everyone involved works and communicates together to achieve a successful project. Our team approach means that, from day one of the projects inception, we involve our trades and consultants to review and make recommendations on how we can add value into the project.

From there, we keep in constant communication with the client to update them on the preconstruction process and how things are moving along with their building. Once we have completed the preconstruction work, we give an in-depth review of the proposal, construction schedule, specs and build process to assure that you are getting exactly what you envision.

Once we receive the green light from the client and the required permits are in place, we start building your dream project while you sit back and enjoy the process.

Design-Build Commercial and Residential Projects

We understand that construction of any size is a cumbersome task and that is why we take on the heavy lifting with our design-build services. With one call, you can have your project designed, engineered and built all under one agreement. And because we use a team approach on every project, we are able to incorporate design efficiencies at the initial preliminary stage. This also allows us to assess the various building systems such as steel, wood and concrete, providing you with valuable insight for your decision-making process.

Our Design-Build services truly simplify your project so it is easy to understand while reducing risk and ensuring your vision, budget and schedule are all met.

Choosing Your Building Systems

When choosing to develop a new project, one question to ask yourself is what system I should use? Due to the material volatility in the global market, it’s hard to know what the best value and fit for your project is. That’s where we help, with our pre-construction and design-build services, we assess the market at the very beginning and provide you with structural options so you can make a clear and informed decision for your building. To help understand their strengths, we’ve highlighted a few common ones below…

Wood Frame Construction

Wood frame construction is generally built using dimensional lumber, engineered beams and trusses. In North America, it is the most widely used framing system for single family and multi-dwelling homes. Wood Frame Construction is attractive for smaller projects due to its widespread availability, low cost and usability. It is easy to procure and easy to build with. In Canada, we harvest and manufacture these products locally, so supply shortages and lead times are generally a non-issue outside of pandemic situations. We recommend wood frame buildings for single family homes, multi-dwelling buildings and small commercial buildings that are not subject to high moisture or combustible materials.

Timber Post Frame

Timber Post Frame construction is a simple and fast system for large footprint buildings. Built using wood timbers as structural columns, this system does not require a conventional substructure foundation. The foundations are simply augured holes with the timber columns cast into a shallow concrete friction pile. Steel piles or precast concrete piles can be used as well. The advantage of this is speed and less materials. Rather than sheathing, most Timber Post Frame Structures are strapped using dimensional lumber and finished with an exterior metal clad. The buildings can be insulated, heated and fully finished inside. We recommend Timber Post Frame Buildings for Hay Sheds, Cold Storage Buildings, Shop Buildings, Airplane Hangers and Agricultural Buildings.

Conventional Steel Frame

Conventional Steel Frame Buildings are most commonly used in commercial and industrial applications where the classification of the building requires non-combustible construction. Conventional steel frames are designed and engineered then manufactured in a fabrication shop. Once the site is ready, the steel package arrives, and certified iron workers erect the structure using both welded and bolted connections. Once the steel frame and joists are installed, metal deck is added to the roof to complete the building diaphragm and steel stud infills are positioned between the perimeter columns. From there, composite sheathing and the remainder of the building envelope can commence. Although currently volatile due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, steel building can be a good solution for commercial retail buildings, gas stations, restaurants and other commercial type properties of a certain scale.

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)

Insulated Concrete Forms are a prefabricated insulated block that act as the insulation and concrete form for basements and exterior walls. The blocks are designed with insulation on the interior and exterior wythe of the form which are held together by fiberglass ties. The blocks simply click together much like Lego creating the geometry of the building. Once installed, reinforcing and concrete are added inside the block assembly creating the structure. ICF is a long lasting and extremely air-tight system for residential houses and small commercial buildings. We recommend Insulated Concrete Form Construction for people who want to build their forever home and/or want an upgraded system from traditional wood frame construction.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a prefabricated building system that combines all of the architectural, structural and insulating components of a wall assembly into a single item. Precast Concrete is manufactured off-site in an environmentally controlled production facility and shipped to site. It is an extremely durable product that is commonly used for buildings subject to the harshest working conditions. It is very thermally efficient and extremely fast. With proper planning, Precast Concrete construction is very easy to build with and can incorporate flexible design options for future growth. Hawi Construction has over 8-years of experience working with precast concrete and greatly believes in this product. We recommend precast concrete for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings of a certain size and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hawi Construction build commercial properties?

Absolutely, the Hawi Construction team has more than 15 years experience building commercial projects.

I want to build a house, but I have no idea where to start?

Congratulations on this exciting journey, you have already completed your first step. Our design-build team helps you through the entire process from day 1. We are always available through any form of communication to help you achieve your home building goals. Just reach out to us though our website, email or phone number and we will be happy to walk you through each step.

I want to build a new home but I can’t find the right land.

No problem, let us know what you are looking for and we can work on your behalf to find you the perfect building site. We have amazing contacts who specialize in land procurement and will be more than happy work on your behalf.

Can Hawi Construction build a shop on my acreage or farm?

Yes we can. We design and build with all different materials such as wood, steel, and concrete shops. Regardless of size and design, we can help you achieve your shop building goals.

Does Hawi Construction work outside of Alberta?

Yes we do. We have the licencing, warranties and legal requirements to build your dream home anywhere in Western Canada.

Client References

Highly Recommend Hawi Construction. Makes the building process stress-free and is very professional and organized. Thanks again!!